16). Ishavasya Upanishad – Bliss of enlightenment


O Pūṣan, sole traveller, Yama, Sun, child of Prajāpati, recall thy rays; withdraw thy light that I may behold thee of loveliest form. Whosoever that Person is, that also am I.

Pusan – Sun – nourisher of the world. Ekarse – sole traveller in the sky,  yama – death as controller of all,  surya – wise one, prajapatya  – son of creator – Ishwara,  vyuha rashmin – remove your rays, samuha – group o.


Pūṣan=the sun, so called because he protects the world. Ekarṣe, because he traverses (the sky) alone. Yama, Death, because he controls all. Sūrya, because he sucks up rays, life and water. Prājāpatya, because he is the son of Prajāpati, the Creator. vyūha =remove, raśmīni.e. your rays. samūha= unite i.e. withdraw. your light, yat-te =what is yours. rūpam =form, kalyāṇatamam = auspicious , tat-te =that of yours paśyāmi i.e. I may see by your grace.

Person in the Solar disc, composed of vyāhṛtis – Bhu, Bhuvaha and suvaha.  the same am I.  Aham Brahmasmi –   I am That.


Comment :

Sun is the brightest object illuminating the world.  Eye consciousness  is called surya deva illuminates the Sun. Eye consciousness is illuminated by mental consciousness called indra deva.  Mental consciousness is illuminated by awareness – light of the SELF.   I am Brahman.  Supreme Reality Para Brahma is my SELF which illuminates the world through the body-mind-intellect and sense organs.



pūṣann ekarṣe yama sūrya prājāpatya vyūha raśmīn samūha tejaḥ |
yat te rūpaṃ kalyāṇatamaṃ tat te paśyāmi yo’sāv asau puruṣaḥ so’ham asmi || 16 ||

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