13-b). Ishavasya Upanishad -Result of worshiping manifest/unmanifest nature.

Distinct, they say, is (what results) from the manifest and distinct again, they say, is (what results) from the un manifest. Thus have we heard from the sages who taught us that.

1). What is the effect of meditation on manifest and unmanifest Brahman ? 

Ishwara is the cause for the universe  Universe has manifest form called Hiranyagarbha and unmanifest form called prakriti.  Those who meditate on manifest form of Ishwara in terms of subtle objects – sound, sight… etc or universe acquire powers called Siddhis. On the other hand those who meditate on unmanifest  nature – prakriti merge with prakriti.

“Brahmavid apnoti Param” – Taittiriya 2.1.1. We should meditate on Brahman who is th e cause of the universe in the form of Ishwara. Meditating on effect – manifest, unmanifest will not lead to supreme

Manifest prakriti or unmanifest prakriti is very different from Brahman. Both vidya and avidya – manifest prakriti and unmanifest prakriti are appearance in Brahman. But Brahman is unattached.  Air may carry good smell or bad smell. But air itself is unaffected.

Similarly a person who has realized Brahman is jivan mukta. He is free from manifest and unmanifest nature.


anyad evāhuḥ saṃbhavād anyad āhur asaṃbhavāt |
iti śuśruma dhīrāṇāṃ ye nas tad vicacakṣire || 13 ||

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