Drk Drashya Viveka – 6).Experiencer of three states

Insentient subtle body which consists of mind and ego goes through the three states and it is the one which undergoes transmigration cycle (birth-death-birth ….).

Subtle body consists of  antahkarana – manas, buddhi, ahamkara, chitta, five pranas, five sense organs, five organs of action are indicated above in the form of mind and ego.  Subtle body is also called linga sharira.

  • SELF (atma) is never born, never dies.
  • Subtle body is insentient but appears to be sentient due to presence of SELF.
  • Individual jiva with subtle body does not die but transmigrates.
  • Gross body is insentient.  It keeps changing everyday. Once in about 7 years, totally new body will be there.

Hence there is no point in grieving about death

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