34) Self Knowledge (Atmagyan) – Guru Principle – Talk 2

TALK 34 by Prabhuji  ( APR 20, 12.05 )

Today let us contemplate on Guru principle in our adversaries or enemies, as I told you Guru principle exists in all aspects of creation. How about our enemies, people who make our lives miserable, who create trouble for us. Today in this corporate world every company tries to learn from their competitors, the bench mark competitors, in fact the company follow the competitors, many times they have a much more deep understanding about the competitors than what that they know about their own company.
First thing in our life is our competitors are not our adversaries, people who are competing with us are actually teaching us something. The Guru principle works through our competitors. Don’t feel jealous about your competitors, don’t feel jittery by your competitors. Try to learn from their strengths and weaknesses. Learn from their strengths and improve yourself. Learn from their weaknesses and correct yourself. This is how we learn from the Guru principle in our competitors.
Now what about people who create trouble for us? We have to realise everyone who have come into our life, family, friends, including people who give trouble for us, they all are our karmic connections. We are linked to them through karmic bondage. Now when somebody creates a trouble for us, it is not the person who is creating trouble for us, the person has come into your life to take away some bad karma which you have done in this life or your past life. The person is just incidental, instrumental helping in remove our bad karma.
What do you learn from that? First of all if somebody has done something bad to you, the learning for you is to how to be alert and aware, something is happening to you which is not desirable to you, the person is there just as an instrument to take out your negative karma, no need to feel depressed or bad about the situation. The karmic impressions are there only for us to learn. What is to be learnt is, in a given adversary circumstance how we can maintain our mental balance, how we can be peaceful. If we learn the karmic lesson in our life no future learning is required in that particular aspect of karma and that will not repeat. Learn how to be alert and learn the message behind the action of the person and learn how to be equanimous in any given situation. We have learn to see Guru principle even in our enemies, then we will not have any jealousy and hatred in life and more importantly we will not feel victim of circumstances. We are not victims, the divine is shining in your heart the Atmajyothi is shining in your heart never feel victim of any circumstances, you are responsible for your life.

Transcription by Atmajyothi Satyavathi

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