18) Self Knowledge (Atmajnan) – Purpose of Life- Part 4

TALK 18 by Sri Prabhuji

Let us continue the contemplation on the ‘purpose of life’.

 There is a chicken poultry and lots of chicken are bred in that poultry. One day by accident an egg of eagle falls into the poultry, the egg breaks and the eagle comes out and starts growing as chicken, it thinks it is a chicken. Like all others chickens it lives, it does not know that it is an eagle. As the time passes, the eagle grows old and then one day it sees a bird flying in the sky, it is very attracted by the bird. The eagle asks, ‘what is that bird flying so high?’ One of the chicken replies, ‘you don’t know, it is the king of birds called Eagle, it is flying in the sky. Eagles fly in the sky where as we chicken live on the land’. This eagle growing as a chicken sadly says, ‘yeh yeh, only the eagles can fly we chickens cannot fly, I wish I was also an eagle’, but it’s too old.

 Dear Atmajyothis, we are also like that, this beautiful creation consisting of stars, planets, galaxies, has variety of living beings and of all the living beings only human beings have the ability, intelligence to understand something higher. All living beings are creatures, and the creator is Consciousness. A creature will never be able to understand the creator, it’s like a robot trying to understand its creator which is not possible. It’s like an electric bulb trying to understand the electricity. A creature is not in a position to understand the creator, but human being is in an unique position. Deep inside us there is the divine Consciousness the ‘Light of the Self’, because of the intellect we are able to go deep inside and discover the ‘Light of the Self’ inside us.

This position of human being is unique in the sense that we don’t have to live the life of a creature, but we can be the part of the creator.  We can discover the creator in us and become part of the creator. Like the eagle living as chicken, most us know have no concept as to the height we can grow, or reach. We are born as human beings, live as human beings and die as human beings. But there is one possibility in us to discover the divine in us. To be born as human being, to grow as human is normal but to attain divinity is the possibility of life. Or else we all are like that old eagle living as a chicken in the farm without knowing our true potential.


There is another story, a shepherd found a lion cub, and brought it to his house, The lion grew up with all the other sheep and it thought ‘I am also a sheep’. It was grazing like all other sheep. It never knew it was different from the sheep. One day another lion sees this lion cub among the sheep and is wonderstruck, why is this lion cub is eating grass and living like sheep? That lion catches hold of this lion cub and takes it to the river and shows its reflection in that river and says. ‘See you are not sheep, you are lion like me, you can roar like a lion’, then the lion cub roars like a lion and realizes its true nature.

Atmajyothis, you are living with the concept that ‘I am the body, mind and intellect’, none of this is true, you are the supreme you are the divine light, ‘Atmajyothi’. Discover that light and roar like a lion that is the purpose of your life.

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