24) Self Knowledge (Atmajnan) – On Karma (Part 6) Blessing and Curse

TALK -24 by Prabhuji

Today let us contemplate on the topic blessing and cursing. In all our Satsangs,  we do the blessing, ‘Let there be peace for all living beings in Land Sea and sky. Let there be peace on land, mountains, forests, valleys, space, wind, fire, water and also stars and galaxies.

When you do blessing, it is a good intention from you. It will go to others; it will go to the entire universe. You do blessing after meditation. Which means, after meditation,  your mind is united with the higher consciousness. It is not the individual mind. So when you are doing blessing with higher consciousness, that blessing will be really coming true, because you are not doing it as an individual.

But in the process, the first thing that happens is : you will get purified. Whenever you talk, whenever you do anything in the world, first impressions are created in your mind, and then action happens. So when you bless somebody, first good thoughts will arise in you, which means your inner consciousness gets purified.

Second thing is: you are blessing with a divine connection, with higher consciousness. So because of that your wishes will come true in the universe.

Third thing is: when you do blessing to all animals and living beings, it touches them at the energy level and they will thank you, they will also bless you. So now, you are blessing with two hands and imagine all living beings on the earth, each of them bless with their small hands. It is millions of blessings which shower on you. So this is actually what you call blessing.


Why do you curse somebody? What is the intention of cursing? It is to harm somebody?

So, your intention is to harm somebody, which means first there is an impression created in your subconscious mind. But first, that harm will come to you, because, they have already gone into your subconscious mind. And then the words will be uttered. Now, when you are cursing somebody, you are definitely not cursing with higher consciousness. You are cursing with lower consciousness.
Impact of your words also will also be very low. So the cursing of somebody will not affect anybody because cursing is done with lower consciousness.

But people may feel that ‘His cursing has affected me’. It is not the power of his cursing which has affected you. First possibility is: the karmic impact; you have done something to him that will come back to you. Second possibility is: psychological words have some effect on you. So psychologically words can affect you. So it is not the power of cursing of somebody which affects you. It is the power of karma, or the psychological impressions of the words of somebody that affects you.

Rishi’s Curse

Student: So is the Rishis’ cursing in Puranas not true?

Guruji: Rishis cursing in purana is not about a person or individual. They are actually only activating his karmic impressions. Only some of the karmic impressions which a person has to undergo are verbalized by the Rishi at that point of time. It has nothing to do with individual.

Some of the latent karmic impressions are activated by the words of a Rishi. A Rishi is not an angry person. If a Rishi is angry, he is not a Rishi. Somebody who has gone beyond anger and fear; Kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsarya; only can be a Rishi. So when a Rishi gives a curse, he will appear to be angry. But it is more of an activation of latent karmic impressions of the person, and not about the anger against the person.

Here, the Rishi is only verbalizing the words so that the person understands that his action or words have caused karmic impressions and those karmic impressions are getting activated through the words of the Rishi.

Transcription by Atmajyothi Satyavathi

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