20) Self Knowledge (Atmajnan) – On Karma (Part 2)

TALK 20 by Prabhuji  (11 APR 2016)


Let us continue the contemplation on Karma.

Why should I suffer or be affected because of something that I have done in my past life or ten life times ago? It will be good if the results of karma come immediately.

 There is one story in Mahabharata. Dhritarashtra, the blind king had a hundred children who got killed in the war of Mahabharata. Dhritarashtra asked Sri Krishna, ‘Why did my hundred children get killed? Why should I suffer like this?’ Sri Krishna said, ‘Fifty lifetimes ago you killed hundred siblings of a bird and the parents of those birds cursed you. So, now your hundred children are killed.’ Then Dhritarashtra asked, ‘Why is it that I am paying for that now? Why is the result happening now for that act which I have done fifty life times ago?

 Sri Krishna said, ‘Law of Karma is fair. It puts you in the same circumstance that was there when that act happened fifty life times ago.  To experience the effect of the impact of Karma, you need to have hundred children. But to have hundred children you need some good merit and it took fifty life times to accumulate that good karma so that you have 100 children now and then the effect of that bad karma has to be implemented now which will be the right circumstances.

So ‘Law of Karma’ is not a mechanical justice system, it puts you in a space and opportunity which reciprocates what you did. You have to experience the similar circumstances for which it takes time, many life times to experience it. So only in human justice the punishment can be given immediately but the punishment will not be equivalent.

For example: Somebody killed somebody and the judge puts him in jail which is the legal system. Justice may be immediate or after five years. But what is not punished here is the victim has undergone some trauma or turmoil which the judge cannot recreate that for the culprit. But the ‘Law of Karma’ recreates that for which you have to wait. And victim should be given an opportunity to bring you to that same situation for which many lifetimes will happen. From human point of view 60 or 70 years of life time is a big thing, from cosmic point of view, a couple of million years is also nothing. You may say, 50 lifetimes is long long ago, but in the cosmic scale, in the God scale it is nothing.

 A smart person meditated and God should in front of him. ‘Oh child I am pleased with you, what do you want? This guy is very smart, probably he must be from IIT, ‘God in your currency, how much is my one million rupees? God says, ‘It is one cent in my currency’.  So the guy asks, ‘God please give me one billion in your currency’. God says, ‘Tathastu, just wait for one second’. And one second of God is billion years in his time scale or currency.

We try to use our little human mind and try to fit in the events of cosmic scale and vice versa.

Transcription by Atmajyothi Satyavathi

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